You owe it to your kids

not to stunt their financial growth

Study authored by behavior experts at Cambridge University

confirms adult money habits are set through EXPERIENCE by the age of seven years old
(but it’s never too late)


at seven years old,
adult money habits set

Keep in mind
Parents who want their kids to be great with money use Allowance Manager to provide vital, firsthand experience.
To give your kids this invaluable advantage…

  • Talk is cheap (and ineffective)...

    “The evidence indicates that teaching young children explicit forms of ‘financial’ knowledge per se is likely to be ineffectual in shaping or changing their behaviors.”

  • Real life wins...

    “Since young children are dependent on parents and have few material goods or monetary resources that they control independently, methods used to form behaviors need to reflect real life situations to be effective.”

  • Experience, experience, experience...

    “Approaches, practices and skills which are modeled, discussed and demonstrated by parents and other significant adults, are most likely to be influential ‘levers’, supporting the development of efficient habits and practices.”

  • Self-regulation...

    “Opportunities for parents and teachers to support a child’s capacities to defer gratification, to understand the ‘future’ in concrete terms, to talk about their understanding and new knowledge, all aid the development of a child’s self-regulation, and their ability to control and plan their behavior.”

  • Practice, practice, practice...

    “Further, there are basic practical approaches and skills which can be modeled, discussed and demonstrated by parents and teachers with young children, such as the basic benefits and tools of sharing, saving, and purchasing that will support the development of efficient habits and practices. Such practices need to be constructed so that the child experiences the process or idea in tangible terms rather than just being told about it as an abstract concept.”