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The ultimate, fun money game

If you’re looking for a fun money game to help a kid (from kindergarten to college and beyond) understand the value of money and apply some math skills, then consider this:

How about real life?!

The other day, a friend of mine came over and said, “Hey, you’re good with money.  Do you know of any good, fun money games I could try out with my kids so that they develop a better understanding of it?”

You can probably guess my response.  I told him that not only do I know of a great, safe, low stakes way for kids to get practical math experience with their own money and develop a solid, fundamental understanding of it, but that the way my kids do it is through the ULTIMATE game!  The game of real life!

There is no better way to develop an understanding of money and how basic math relates to it than by using it in the real world.  It is in fact the ultimate experience to practice using one’s own money firsthand in the safe and low stakes environment of Allowance Manager Pro with Allowance Card.

Then, when I told him that it cost only $79 for the year (basically the same price as a fine board game at the local toy shop), he thanked me and asked me to help him sign his kids up right away — which we did, in about 3 minutes.

Allowance Manager Pro is one of those no-brainer decisions.  It’s painless, so there are no complaints (in fact, its actually super-fun because the money is real in this game).  It also develops in the kids who use it, a facility with money that is impossible to develop otherwise.  By the time these kids have used it for a few years, their money skills are simply second nature, like riding a bike or reading or swimming, etc.

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