I want my kids to get (receive and understand) money - Allowance Manager

I want my kids to get (receive and understand) money

I want my kids to “get” money in at least two senses of the word: receive it and understand it.

It seems obvious that if they understand it, then receiving it will follow, so I’m focusing on the understanding.

I certainly do not think that receiving and having money is the ultimate goal.

Nor do I think that the pursuit of money in and of itself is particularly interesting or rewarding.

What is interesting to me, though, is to consider what any of us could do with the time that we otherwise spend trying to get money.

What I’m doing for my kids by using Allowance Manager is giving them the essential foundation that they need to be great with money.

Because we have used it from an early age, their money skills are simply second nature, and they are solid.

And now, because they are good with money, they can spend more precious time on the things that really turn them on.

I am pleased to know that they will live happier, more fulfilled lives than I did or than they otherwise might have.

And in that I take great pride and solace.