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“Free” debit cards for kids

Some companies claim to offer free debit cards.  I won’t enumerate them here, but a simple web search will return a list of those companies.

First, I want to make it clear that if free is the most important criterion, then the rest of this article is likely not for you, but if you’re interested in other benefits to your kids, please read on.

When it came time for us to take the logical next step and give John and Will the true firsthand experience that we knew they needed, we considered these companies and their products.

Most of them seemed great, but they all lacked something, and we realized that a partial solution, even if it offered most of what we were looking for would ultimately not be successful.

It also became clear, when we began to get requests from current and potential Allowance Manager users for an AllowanceCard, that many other people shared the same realization.

It was obvious to us all that it was imperative that we have a kids debit card that was fully and seamlessly integrated into Allowance Manager so that our advanced users still had a unified experience.

Without the ability to see all types of entries (transactions) — both parent-entered and automatic — in the same place, we would only get a partial picture, and stunt our kids development.

The obvious solution was to develop AllowanceCard as a fully-integrated debit card solution for the kids who use Allowance Manager, and that is exactly what we did.

We had hoped to be able to offer this kids debit card for free, but we just can’t.  In order to deal with the technical, regulatory, and customer service requirements, we have to charge for the feature.

The price, however, when all things are considered, is extremely reasonable when considering how much our kids’ financial literacy ultimately is worth.

(The companies that don’t charge for this service make money from you in other ways like advertising and charging extra fees.  There is no such thing as truly free.)

Considering that using the complete solution offered by Allowance Manager ensures that our kids become good with money, this pricing is extremely reasonable (and it’s the best we can do).

For comparison, an average week-long community college course in Art History costs around $300.  We have nothing against art history, but consider what a lifetime of being “great with money” is worth.

In fact, we suggest that it is likely that if you are kind enough to give your kids the benefit of Allowance Manager with AllowanceCard, they will ultimately have extra time and other resources to dedicate to their passions — including, perhaps, Art History.

I want to thank you for reading this and considering Allowance Manager with AllowanceCard for your family.  I think that if you give it a try, you won’t regret it.  In fact, I think you’ll most likely look back on the decision with a sense of great pride and relief.

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