Allowance Manager with AllowanceCard

Make the money real!  That’s what our customers asked us to do and that’s what we’re proud to offer through Allowance Manager with AllowanceCard.

Allowance Manager with AllowanceCard is a product that allows real money to be moved into the Allowance Manager accounts.

It was developed in response to demand from many of the Allowance Manager Basic users who asked for this functionality.

In a nutshell, since the power of allowance is firsthand experience with real money, the power in Allowance Manger is in providing just that.

You can’t learn to swim without getting in the water, and, similarly, you can’t become good with money without firsthand experience with it.

To accomplish this goal, Allowance Manager expanded its services to include Allowance Manager with AllowanceCard so that the families who are ready to take the next step into true, firsthand experience can do so in a safe and low-stakes environment.

You can learn more about Allowance Manager with AllowanceCard here: