Allowance Manager Junior

Allowance Manager Junior is a free version of Allowance Manager with limited functionality.

It is for families who are just getting started with allowance and want to try out Allowance Manager to see if it is a good fit for them.

It is a deceptively simple and powerful cash ledger or effectively an electronic passbook for the “Bank of Mom and Dad.”

Using Allowance Manager Junior, families keep track of how much money parents are holding for their kids so that from any web-connected device (e.g. laptop and desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets) parents and kids can refer to Allowance Manager to see exactly who has how much and why.

Allowance Manager Junior does not provide the ability to move real money into the kids’ accounts.  For this more complete and advanced functionality, families use Allowance Manager with AllowanceCard.

More on Allowance Manager Junior can be found here: