Allowance Manager is how kids understand money - Allowance Manager

Allowance Manager is how kids understand money

This is an open letter to anyone who wants his or her kids to develop a solid, fundamental understanding of money — for whatever reason.

If you’re way ahead of me and just want to sign up for Allowance Manager Pro, then you can do so here (unfortunately, we have to charge, but the price is really fair when you consider your kids develop such an essential life skill):

Otherwise, if you’re interested in why we created Allowance Manager Pro, and why you might want it, please read on.

I wanted my kids to develop this skill so that dealing with money would be second nature to them.

I’d rather that my kids be great with money so that they can spend their valuable time pursuing the things that bring them joy.

Too many of us don’t develop this skill early and practice it often, so we never really do it well.

To accomplish this, I had told my kids that I would be giving them an allowance, but guess what: I never did (shocking, no?).

I would forget when, for what, and how much I told them the allowance would be.

Instead of following through with what I had promised and accomplishing what I had hoped, I accomplished something else.

Through my actions, I had communicated in no uncertain terms that I couldn’t be trusted and to get money they had to beg me for it.

This revelation came as a shock to me when Will pointed it out during a family shopping excursion.

At the same time, John and Will suggested that the solution would be to create something that does this automatically.

They suggested an app that would credit the correct amount at the correct time and could be edited to reflect gifts, purchases, etc.

It was brilliant, and we went home and immediately looked for something that could do this for us.

We found quite a few apps and other software that kind of did what we wanted or did it kind of poorly.  Some of these still exist.

Because we couldn’t find something that was just right and simple enough for us, we decided to create our own.

We worked together to create the super simple core functionality, and we launched it within our own family.

It worked perfectly.  Will and John can be credited with inventing the perfect “keep your mom and dad honest” app.

One of the things that we wanted to include when we created the original app was the ability to move real money into the accounts.

Unfortunately, because it was a relatively involved process, we didn’t do that — until now.

Now, because it was obvious that this was the missing element to the perfect allowance experience, the accounts can now hold real money.

Allowance Manager Pro accounts provide a safe, controlled, low-stakes environment and come with AllowanceCard.

This allows (pun intended) the kids a complete solution to get the firsthand experience that is vital to developing this skill.

Any skill, including understanding and dealing with money, is best developed through early and frequent firsthand experience.

An allowance is how we provide our kids with this experience, and Allowance Manager Pro pro is how we make sure it gets done.

If you’re interested in giving it a try, please click the following link and sign up for the monthly plan (it costs $7.95/mo plus a one-time $10 setup fee, but you can cancel any time, so there is no commitment):

If your experience with it is anything like our experience with it, you’ll be super pleased that you did.

Sincerest best regards,

Dan Meader
Father of John & Will Meader
Co-founder of Allowance Manager