What is Allowance Manager

How kids understand money


When we forget to give our kids their allowance (and we all do), we deprive them of the vital firsthand experience that is essential to their understanding money, and what they learn instead, is that we are unreliable.


Allowance Manager makes it super easy to avoid this pitfall by automatically crediting kids’ allowance accounts and making it possible to track from anywhere at anytime exactly who has exactly how much and why.


If you want your kids to be good with money, use Allowance Manager to provide genuine firsthand experience with their own money.  Trust is preserved and the kids grow into effortlessly money-savvy adults.



Everywhere - Allowance Manager


Allowance Manager runs on every major desktop, laptop, phone, and tablet.  AllowanceCard runs on the Visa payment network and is accepted everywhere Visa is accepted.

Every time

Allowance Manager credits the accounts automatically and provides a super simple way to record additional entries, so money is easily and accurately accounted for – every time.

Every kid

Every kid needs to develop an understanding of money to become good with it.  This requires the vital firsthand experience that Allowance Manager provides.

Family optimized

Designed by former Apple engineer, Dan Meader, and his kids, for their own family, Allowance Manager is simple, elegant, and effective.


Allowance Manager is available from any web-connected device which means you can use it on your Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Fire Phone.

Free updates

The Allowance Manager software is always free and comes with free updates to constantly refine and improve your already excellent user experience.

Free support

You can always get free support at Allowance Manager through various channels including Live Chat, email, and our user forum.

Allowance ManagerHow kids understand money.

The AllowanceCard

Essential firsthand experience with real money


Dont take our word for it…

What others say about us!

Susan M.

We were looking for a product to help us make sure that we followed through with giving our kids their allowance.  We found this and more in Allowance Manager.

Susan M.San Diego, CA
Heather B.

This product is FANTASTIC!  It is so super simple to use, and it has made life soooo much easier with my three teenage daughters!  Thank you!

Heather B.Austin, TX
Steve R.

As a direct result of our using Allowance Manager, my young kids understand money better than their college-aged cousins.

Steve R.New York, NY
Bill K.

I have two boys who had no idea which way was up when it came to money, but that has all changed now that we have been using Allowance Manager.

Bill K.Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Allowance Manager Pricing

First month free

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Allowance Manager Junior

Recommended for ages 0 – 6 years

Because any skill (including understanding money) is best developed through early and frequent firsthand experience, we encourage families to use Allowance Manager as soon as they feel they are ready.  This will differ for each family and every child, but generally, by the age of 7, kids are ready for the complete Allowance Manager experience.  For those families that do not yet need the real money element of Allowance Manager, however, we provide a free version called Allowance Manager Junior.  We invite you to use Allowance Manager Junior until your kids are ready to benefit from firsthand experience with their own real money.  It won’t be long.  They sure do grow up quickly.