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  • Good with Money™
  • How kids "GET" money™
  • You owe it to your kids™
  • Reward good behavior
  • Record extra income
  • Record monetary gifts
  • Discourage misbehavior
  • Record investments
  • Record donations
  • Record purchases
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"Should I give my kids an allowance" is a question most parents ask themselves when their child reaches a certain age. If a child's allowance is important to a parent, other questions then arise. For example, "should my child's allowance be tied to chores, grades, and behavior?" The answer, is that an allowance should be allocated with any combination of requirements that you choose to be best for your family. Whatever allowance requirements you have chosen, Allowance Manager has the solution to help you implement and stick to them.

Allowance Manager has created a child's allowance management system that is easy for any parent to use, and more importantly, a system that accommodates all parenting styles and allowance strategies that each individual parent has determined best for his or her family.

The only requirement to determine whether Allowance Manager is right for you, is that you have said to yourself "yes, I want to give my kids an allowance!"
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